Daze of Youth
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Chris Sab - Bass
Chris Sab - Bass
Vagelis K. - Drums
Vagelis K. - Drums
Kostas K. - Guitar
Kostas K. - Guitar
John Eko - Guitar/Vocals
John Eko - Guitar/Vocals


Fallin' Down - Daze of Youth
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Status: feels good!

Hometown: Athens, GR
Genres: Rock / Alternative / Grunge
Label: FM Records S.A.

John Eko : Vocals, Guitars 
Kostas K. : Guitars 
Vagelis K. : Drums 
Chris Sab : Bass

Lyrics	 English – American English 
Composers & Writers John Eko / Vagelis K. / Kostas K. 
Style – Influences: Alternative, Grunge, Stoner, Hard Rock 

Band Details and History

According to their recent line-up “DAZE OF YOUTH” are a considerably new band as it has been formed in the last two years.

It should be mentioned though, that they come as an evolution of the former band “DUENDE” that was formed in 2003 in the Athens ROCK stages and discography. 
As “DUENDE” the band released one album in 2005 called “ON THE LIST” by “EIKONACHOS RECORDS” label and was circulated by UNIVERSAL GREECE in the native market.

Band’s Activity – Material & Goals

The Band has played in quite a few gigs receiving great reviews.

Along with the useful help of Nikos Kap (Sound Engineer & Producer) they have completed and have at their disposal a 10-track album that it is released by FM Records S.A.

After years of live sets among the audience of Greece, “DAZE OF YOUTH” now seek for a wider  audience. 
Discography / Live shows / Tours are the goals set within this band.

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