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The personal project of Alex Balakakis ex-SPITFIRE lead singer, who recorded all vocals in 1997 for the l.p "Sign of rage" for the band POWER CRUE. Highlight in his career the supporting act(SPITFIRE) when IRON MAIDEN performed in Greece on the 12th&13th of January 1996. This is the moment of truth for him cause the cd "This is U" from his band Hannibal has already been released and the first impressions from the magazines such as "Metal Hammer" and "Rock Hard" were positive although the band is not a metal one. Although the CD was distributed in Greece, it has been reported that many European countries have been playing tracks from "This is U" album. A promising band, Hannibal, combine a variety of sounds from different genres such as rock, nu-metal with atmospheric electro elements at times. A must to hear for everyone who like innovation in their ears... www.hannibal-x.gr

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The Bro Project
mpravo mages poly kala songs.thymamai to live twn maiden otan htan oi spitfire suport,poly kalo live tote kai apo tous maiden(estw kai me ton blaze).thymamai kai alla kala live apo spitfire paliotera,kapia festival mazi me divorce,flames k.a. an thymamai kala!keep on

ΓΕΙΑ ...!!πολυ ωραια κομματια! I am waiting for more.... φιλια

helloδεν θα πω πολλα.καλεσ ιδεεσ ,καλοσ ηχοσ,καλη φωνη και ωραια ροη στα τραγουδια.πολυ δυνατο.καλη συνεχεια