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A one man band of Raw, Depressive & Religious Black Metal hailing from Hellas, Exetheris was summoned at the twilight of 2004.
The music is totally selfexperienced in many ways, from dreams, nightmares & visions to absolute reality & uttermost desires. Most important is that it allows Lord Exetheris to express & explain himself in many ways.
Main purpose of this abomination is to spread the plague and praise Him. Here is no place for humans with feeble nature who have never reached a certain degree of Hate, Coldness, Blackness & Sadness. This is not another Black Metal Caricature.
After the loss of the primal material due to various problems the very first work came in the shape of a demo entitled "A Night of Pain",composed & recorded during May-June it was released in July 05.
It was a raw, and in the old-school style of Black Metal, act. Many were the lost souls that complained for the Misery that filled their heart at this time.
The second wave of satanic blasphemy came in the sophisticated form of "god, Satan & the Void". This time the sound delivered feelings of pure depression & melnagholy.
Many splits and the debut full length album are on the plans. This is not the end...future works will be worst than ever!

Line Up:
Lord Exetheris-all instruments

Demo I-A Night of Pain(May-June 2005)
Demo II-god,Satan & the Void(melangholic October 2005)
Zarach Baal Tharagh vs Exetheris : The Gasmask Serie n°3 Split 2006
Call of the Dark Wood Split, 2006
Taurobolium Split, 2006

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Alla..Se paradexomai giati eisai apo tous ligous tou eidous..

...This is not black metal caricature, THIS IS GREEK: Αϊ Κατούρ.

Argiris Nakos
wraiosA3ioprepestatos gia to eidos! synexise etsi file!