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Borned at 6th of July 1984 in Athens.   Lived there until 7 years old (1991), then moved to Ioannina.  In the age of 12 (1995) bought his first bass guitar (Fender P-bass) and start playing with misc. school and local bands Greek rock. On December of the same year made his first live show.  After 1 year at the age of 13 (1996) joined a more experienced band playing mainly power metal. At the same time he took bass guitar courses at a music school in Ioannina for 3 years.   Next year (1997) created his own band and made side-projects playing classic metal with some elements of progressive.  In 1999 bought his first mixing console and PC and started recording demos with his bands and his own music. At the same time he composed his first "computer based" songs as he was experimenting with computer music.  Continued till 2001 with both bands.  In 2002 moved from Ioannina to Rethimno Crete for Studying Music Techology and Acoustics.  In 2006 composed a part of the soundtrack and made the sound design for a short length film.  Today he is playing Bass Guitar, Electric-Acoustic etc. Guitar and keys. Having his home studio, still studying Music Tech. and playing, composing, experimenting on various music genres. 

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kalimera..wraia h mousiki sou...ligo industrial vevaia alla mou arese.kales dhmiourgies,ta leme!