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Stonemouth Band
Stonemouth Band


Something's Calling
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Pop Solution
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My Intentions
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No Disguise
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Stonemouth is a Greek new wave band formed in 2012 in Athens by George Papadopoulos -a.k.a. GVP- (guitar), gan (bass), John Psimopoulos -a.k.a. Ψ- (drums) and Vassilis Salapatas -a.k.a. VAC- (vocals). The band’s musical “psyche” balances between the dark paths of what was formerly described as “new wave of the new wave” and an aggressive but emotional flow of electric tenderness.

Voluptuous vocals slaloming through wild and passionate curves, stormy and enigmatic diminishing guitars, sneaky bass line and drums on the fast lane, pushing the listener into perpetual rhythmic puzzles and dramatic adventures, all sketching out a powerful scheme of a contemporary dark wave band.

You're welcome to visit for more updated info on the band's whereabouts.

Stonemouth are currently working on their first E.P. which is due to be released sometime in Autumn 2012. A few plain demos of their actual ongoing work can be heard from here:

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