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Stabos Radio Girl
Stabos Radio Girl
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Stabos Logo Ass


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Stabos - Cosmic Turtle
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Stabos - Suckling Brain (Music Video)
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Nuclear Acid Bomb (Music Video) GREEK PSYCHEDELIC ROCK
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Hippie Messiah (Music Video) ᴴᴰ Greek/English Subtitles
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Stabos is a music artist from Greece he began producing music since 2003
with the aim to conquer the entire universe
the music he made moving in different genres but mostly in electronic, hip-hop and rock
in 2012 he release the demo albums from the first era "Consciousness For Sale" "Shortly Before The End" and "Kill The DJs" which is available on his Youtube channel

He plays guitar piano and drawing, in 2014 released the album "Lost Innocence" with handmade artwork drawing by him and in 2016 he release his first rock music album STABOTAZ.

Stabos also creates music videos with montage from documentaries and various clips around the web.

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