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Colors From Past To Future
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Children of crisis in their daily lives
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Status: Καλοκαιράκι δροσερό...νά΄ταν πάντα έτσι.

Children Of Crisis In Their Daily Lives

Children of the crisis every claim more frequent, above all, simple or complex needs of all of us, which is why our everyday real, and sometimes false needs, we pass. In this crisis one reads an unprecedented milestone, exactly why the historical bankruptcy of human values, culture and cultural values, and therefore the systemic economicopolitical institutions. Of course for those who have access to the management, possession and distribution of wealth, this "crisis" creates opportunities and new wealth accumulation. Only shut ourselves sometimes sinking into the abyss of this barbarism feel powerless and betrayed. Weak because the collective control of what is happening and the power is not in our hands. Betrayed by those with casual mastery dived corruption they stood and hostile stand against the freedoms and our rights. Unique hopeful signs in times of emergency, such as the signs of the times show, is the Solidarity actions, friends, comrades and comrades.

Colors From Past To Future

Music followed silently persons from stop to stop.
A dream, a small arms, and a song.
From a short story in a case or condition and possible doubt.
Memories of an old-fashioned neighborhood ...
For unforgettable trips on the beautiful Thessaloniki.

For those who sat down, sitting or aspiring to sit on our neck.
What is the answer to the ethnocentric models of the times?
What is your position in intolerant nihilistic obscurantist and fundamentalist beliefs.
With any petty mood. There is hope, the impulse and suicidal implications of?

The colors of the past is alive only when Freedom of thought gives us space to them to express themselves.
Though it is not so because the mentioned?
And when your happy moments have color? After what?
That gives meaning to freedom and happiness, the aged modernity of capitalist crisis?

Immediately after the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos and the events that followed, among the questions that came (in NGSE, the ace, the University, the Law, the opera, the occupied public buildings in the Greek territory and other European cities, the movement of squares in the indus project followed along with other claims of workers from other factories bankrupt) was rhetorical nowadays, the December 2008, is a memory or is ahead of us?

There kataklyzome from insurrectionary fetishism. I believe in the right of the insurgents and the collection of conclusions for a humanistic and Other Revolutionary Internationalist policy proposal.

The only hope the Resistance free weights and political fossils. Freed from the regime fireplaces of the past.

Changed and free to move forward without wars without bosses.

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Thanasis Karasainis

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