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Im 16 and looking for kids in 8ess/niki to start a serious english-speaking band with!
I can scream, I play guitar, and sing melody with medium-bass voice. Speak perfect english, and speak Greek of cource.

Currently Looking for:
*Rythm/Lead guitar. (I play one, but I do vocals)
*Backround vocals (can be a guitar player)
*got an instrument you can play n think it would be cool to add??! Try me, Im up to anything!

*Kill Hannah
*Taking Back Sunday
*A Static Lullaby
*The Academy Is..
*The Audition
*Cute Is What We Aim For
*The Subways

Some samples of music I like and listen to are in my music player.
If you like the music n are interested, call me or txt me @ 693-763-3813
thank you,

if you would like go to my Myspace:

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