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Bill Psarras - Counting the Distance..
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Bill Psarras - Mer de Noms
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Bill Psarras - Steps Beyond
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Bill Psarras [greek: Βασίλης Ψαρράς] is a Greek artist and musician. His music is a mix of guitar instrumental, progressive rock, post-metal, art-rock, influenced by melodies and ambient music. He started playing the guitar at the age of 7 and through 11 years of classic guitar education, he started transferring this knowledge onto learning and playing electric guitar. After participating in several rock bands (2000-2007), he started writing his solo material. ‘’Feeding My Desire’’ (2010) was his debut instrumental album. recorded in Scythe Studios (Athens) and mastered by Peter Noel (Universal Studios, USA). It is influenced by the hard rock, metal, progressive and melodic rock sounds of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Mattias Jabs, Adrian Smith, Kiko Loureiro and Gus G. He has also released 4 atmospheric rock guitar instrumental works: ‘Recording Silence pt.1/pt.2’ (2009), ‘InBetween’ (2010), Terrain Vague (2011), Memoria (2012) and Concrete Angel (2012) with his newest album Terminal Stories (2013) currently available online. His music has been reviewed and presented in webzines (Greece, online) and web-radio shows (Rickter Scale Show - Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio [USA] top 100 releases for 2012 among well known bands such as Marillion, Adrenaline Mob, The Cult, Mike Keneally and O.S.I.) internationally and he has been included in further radio lists (Greece, Australia) and emerging guitarists lists. Bill was a founding member of 2 rock and classic rock bands (Smoke Illusions, 2005-2007 and Esoptron 2000-2005) before turning into solo stuff. He also runs a side project entitled Ludmilla My Side.

Bill is also an artist with a PhD in Arts & Technology from Goldsmiths University of London. His research focus on the emotional geographies of the city through the concepts of flaneur, psychogeography, senses and embodied technologies.

Terminal Stories (2013)
Concrete Angel (2012) 
Memoria (EP-2012)
Terrain Vague (2011)
Feeding My Desire(2010)
In Between (EP-2010)
Recording Silence pt. 2 (2010)
Recording Silence pt. 1 (2009)
Steps Beyond (Demo CD-2006)

Bandcamp | LastFM | Facebook | Reverbnation

Bill is also the man behind Ludmilla My Side a side ambient project (see LastFM, Bandcamp and Facebook). One more past short time project was 'Northern Lights' in which Bill produced one work of soundscape compositions [not currently available online].

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Geia sou Billy...
Poli oraia mousiki...bravo....
pos kai den se ehoume dei se kamia emfanisi stin Kerkyra...???
gia na anevei ligo to mousiko epipedo tis  keryras diladi giati teleftaia to ehoun paragaxxei.
tsp sinehise dinamika giati to eheis....
sou efhomai ta kalitera....

δυνατο το mar de noms... περιμενω ν' ακουσω κι αλλα... φιλικα με εκτιμηση δημητρης

yo man
"i like and if L-X_jay likes its good"