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Dim Gall is a guitar and bass player from Athens, HELLAS .




He first became interested in  playing guitar  when he heard  one of his friends  playing some Randy Rhoads riffs.It was around 1989 when he got himself a classical guitar and started playing basic stuff.About 2 years later he got an electric guitar .He started get  more into it and discovering many great players like Jimi Hendrix,Eddie Van Halen,Yngwie(you know who),Satch,Vai and many more and  soon started playing in bands .Some of them were just covers bands,others  were playing original stuff too.




Dim enjoys all kinds of music but he  loves  hard rock music and some metal stuff.He cites many players as influences and some of  his favorite players are Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum,John Sykes,Steve Vai,Satch and the list goes on and on.




The music you are hearing in this site is a first taste of the music of Dim .The demo is entitled “ONE HORN GUITAR “.Its an instrumental guitar cd  and hope you will enjoy it as Dim enjoyed while recording it.Also at this time Dim Gall is writing some other instrumental songs and he is searching for a singer in the vein of  Paul Rodgers ,Joe Lyn Turner,David Coverdale,joey Tempest,Jeff Scott Soto for a hard rock project.if you are a singer you can email him at








 Also more info about Dim Gall you can find in his web site





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