New 2016 Album "Spooky Train" - Teaser

16/5/2016 7:46:00 μμ
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Altribe's New Album Available now []

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at "New Location" Studio by Lakis Halkiopoulos. Produced by Lakis Halkiopoulos & Altribe Band.

ALTRIBE is a four-member "Out Of The Blues" band. Based on the Blues and beyond that, their music has a lot of post rock, moody and psychedelic elements as well as lyrics that describe the state of the big city’s lonely man.
he composer Fiona Lambrides on Vocals and the Acoustic Guitar, a voice that is related to the old, warm, full and Dorian black voices of the Blues. Apostolos Karatzas on the Electric Guitar, a guitar player of the new generation whose personal style and sound bring out the rock/psychedelic side of the band. Dimitris Billias on the Electric Bass, combines easily and remarkably, the melody with the groove. The founder of the group, composer/lyricist Albert Panagiotopoulos on the drums expresses perfectly the technical experience, the explosiveness and aesthetic simplicity that characterize ALTRIBE.

In April 4th 2016 the band released their new album "Spooky Train".

They have performed in many bars, clubs and festivals in Athens and all around Greece, playing their original songs and selected covers.

They have an official permission by The Rolling Stones’ publishing company for their successful rendition of the song "Gimme Shelter".

They have also been honored with a platinum award by A&R American companies (TuneHog, Taxi) and they have reached #1 (locally & nationally) on the ReverbNation's Top 10 Rock Charts (October 2013). In December 2013 the British magazine "Stencil" featured an extended overview of the band. Songs and interviews of the band have been hosted by physical and internet radios.

With a different lineup in 2012, the band released a digital single with Warner Music and the album "To Thavna" with FM records with Greek Lyrics, co-produced by Akis Golfidis. In March 2014 Altribe released the album "Aphrodisiac" (AAP). In April of the same year, the band spent three months in Berlin, performing in concerts.


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New 2016 Album "Spooky Train" - Teaser
16/5/2016 7:46:00 μμ
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