Workin' Non Stop!

21/11/2006 9:34:00 πμ
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we're about 2 go on a trip 2 the netherlands this weekend 4  the biggest party of our music ,QLIMAX!so,we prepared some more traxx 2 distribute 2 some labels n' djs over there...stay tuned coz they bang so DAMN hard ! :D 

El Grekoz  - New Kind Of Music 

El Grekoz - Lovesong (Hardchive Mix) <---remix of Archive's "Fuck You"...the new metal fans should know what we're talkin' about :D 

p.s. : we're gonna add them 2 the playlist as soon as we get our asses back 2 greece :P (within' next week) till then...LET THE BASS FILL UR BRAIN!!!

Antonis H. & Nikos B.,

El Grekoz Dj Team 

Cyber Twisted - Naughty Rooster


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Workin' Non Stop!
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