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I’ve dreamed of so many places

That most of them I didn’t knew

I tried to fight my weaknesses

In a journey that was true


I’ve seen so many castles

This journey was so long

I’ve met so many kings

That shared with me an old thought:


“Seek and be careful

And you’ll find her

Trust your inner thoughts

And you’ll see…


…I only pray to god

That you’ll get lucky

You are on a journey

And so must she…”


Many years have passed

On this journey

I’ve met you and I’m sure

You are the one


I’ve met so many faces

Not as beautiful as you

I’ve felt so many hearts

No one was so true


I think my journey now

Is finally over

I must only try

And work things out


The only thing I need

Is to be beside her

I only wish my luck

Does not run out



I’ve seen so many things

Deep inside you

You hold me in your arms

And I see the stars


Then I found out

That I wasn’t lucky

And I remembered what an old king

Told me once:


“You are on a journey

And so must she…

I only pray to god

That you’ll stand lucky


You’ve trusted your inner thoughts

And you found her

But unfortunately you are not

As lucky as he…”


Darling it’s the end

Of the story

This journey must have come

To an end


The only thing

That really makes me sorry

Is that I won’t be there

To give you my last breathe


Always count me there

When you need me

You’re always gonna be

Inside of me


I really wanna thank you

For these moments

I’ll always gonna love you

You’ve set me free…



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