Published 16 χρόνια πριν in Rock

Technical Ecstasy

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										The silicon crust in your eyes 
as you wake up to an another wholesome
trans technical breakfast
this time the toast is too crispy
a friends burnt mind 
has crumbled to dust

His Feeble form rots at the deck 
his mind just plugged on 
in his cybersea
away from the sediment 
of a thousand other 
dissolved integrations

You watch the sea 
for a new germ of 
the freedom you know 
but do you really rock the boat?
mind spills over juice
of revolutionary ideas
every drop licked up 
by the data police
and properly disposed of 
while a record is made of your 

You pray for your sins at the great 
Megacorp altar 
It hears all and forgive all
and it only demands your soul
as penance 

They washed you only in 
the water of electric knowledge 
but one has come 
who surround us with sea 
water, water everywhere 
but not a drop to drink
it's the new GOD everywhere 
a nano deity that pervades
the network or our souls 
a vengeful God 

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