Published 11 χρόνια πριν in Rock

live your day

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										the story is old
blue dreams in my sky
i try to forget 
what you still deny
black questions of hope
keep crossing my mind
just thinking a way 
for you to be mine
but you dont really care
you re just have a fun
inviting a friend
you re rocking again
how beautiful scent
the scent of your hair
your lips are in red
their fire gets me dead
i hang in the streets 
outside of your home
you see me and came
to say a last word
you asked me again "whats matter with you?"
"Oh nothing my babe its fine with you"

but nothing is fine and nothing is good
when you are away
im loosing my mood
how else can i say
that i love you so much
my body is useless 
without your touch

come and save me please 
cure my broken wings
step up in my sky 
and dont say goodbye
dont tell me your no's
i cant really stand
just give a smile
a kiss in my hand

i m writing a song 
but nobody cares
my feelings are real
my life is a mess
forget what i said 
the story ends here
i m walking away 
just have a good day
just have a good day
just have a good day									

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