Published 13 χρόνια πριν in Rock

The bottom of the river

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										Is another morning, is another day
Is the way you feeling, when the sun comes down?
Is the face you’re looking, in your mirror friend?
Is the ugly face, and your greedy eyes?

That makes you stand by the edge of the river
The river that everyone try to pass.
Will you take a deep breath, will you jump over it
Will you standing just here and wondering.

Shall I take off my clothes, shall I were a lifebelt
Or shall I find a handily ferryman.
It a little problem, that you might solve
Depending in your what of thinking, and what are you looking for.

But please my friend take a little advice
Please, listen what I have to say

Take a deep breath, and you’ll see the bottom
The bottom of the river’s life.									

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