Published 13 χρόνια πριν in Rock

Fizzy dream

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										Girl let me buy you a drink

and let's hang on a trip

wanna take you away

to a place far and astray

Gotta escape ignorance

of criminals with suit and ties

see them walking on top

drifting us into a black hole

I wanna speak all my mind

that would make me happy if then I died

Now, give me a drop from your lips

My mind is dizzy with no dreams

No hope left to catch its edge

This tunnel leads to zero end

Bored to hell with this void

that wraps our little globe

People talking empty meanings

and blank fills their gaze

Girl listen to me I'm telling you

there is a price in being free

Feels like I don't belong

But time makes me feel strong

Chains they try to gather round my neck

but they can't chop my voice

This road seems an endless route

leaving you with no choice

"Get rid of this mask

Or else you can't accomplish your task

time escapes through your breath

Remorse has to steam away itself"									

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