Published 16 χρόνια πριν in Electronic Pop


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										               These hands hold you tight to me
                you bless every breath i take, 
                i'll keep the frailty of your smiles 
                deep down inside me.
                I wish that i could say
                it is just a bad dream
                in silence this farewell is living 
                how can i draw this pain...

                A look into those eyes 
                answered millions of words worth
                despite my missing hope
                you're my reason of being.

                My home is you
                wherever this heart goes
                the only path i seek
                for the shelter of my soul.

                Over these years,it's been you and me
                the meaning of life we built new
                the look of your face reminds me
                i will always belong here.									



    s'euxaristo poli gia ta kala sou logia.

  • *ΑΝΝΑ+

    xathikame entelos re si! Yposxomai oti den tha to ksanakano! Pos ta pas? Kala ta teleutaia den ta eixa diabasei, alla opos panta ta latrepsa! ;) Na peraseis omorfes girtes kai steila kai kanena minimataki na mou peis ta nea sou! Filia

  • *ΑΝΝΑ+

    ...Ελπιζω να περασε η μελαγχολια! Πολυ καλα τα νεα κομματια Αννουλα. Φιλακια πολλα, καλο βραδυ!

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