Published 16 χρόνια πριν in Electronic Pop


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										         He was always sitting there,near the water,in his world...
         He was always speaking slowly,to the waves,with his words...
         Used to live near that land,near the sand,called his home...
         Used to spend all his days,of his life,left alone.

         As dawn rose,light was diving into the ocean,at his side...
         As he kept all his hoping,for the heart he had to find...
         When night fell,he wrote ballads,on the smooth,humid sand...
         When he taught me,trembling heart's sacramental in our hands.

         As he was singing to me,nightfall sound,
         sparkling lights were his eyes...
         And the voice of his heart,
         singing sorrows in his cry...

         Been passing years now,an endless time,since that day...
         i've been the one who keeps regreting,for all that time i ran away.
         I long to reach you,through water and sand
         to gain what's left,the loss of time...
         It took me long to understand 
         was yours,the heart,i had to find.


  • Dreary Lady

    I loved your lyrics, great work :)

  • dourios

    polly kali xerome den leo tipota allo

  • *ΑΝΝΑ+

    ti kaneis, pos pas, pou eisai?? (polles erotiseis! Exo kairo na akouso nea sou. Elpizo ola na einai kala. Filia!

  • *ΑΝΝΑ+

    Yperoxo to for you...mpravo, ti allo na po?? Eyxaristo gia to sxolio! Kata ta alla ola kala?

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