Published 7 χρόνια πριν in Electronic Pop

25 shots (Ode to a dying love)

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										See me now turning pages
Like im turning my back
Writing down myself
As if the canvas is blank

It's time we moved on
And got out if this mud
I'mma go back to the days
I enjoyed driving them mad

The days I was myself
And did what I wanted to do
And when the voices in my head 
spoke when I wanted them to

When I was confident
And didn't really mind I was short
I'd use my eyes tell some lies 
And I'd get my shot

Cause ladies loved my shit
No matter it wasn't real
But when I got back home 
I needed something to feel

So I said enough I'mma change 
I'mma be something real
So I gave my heart and took some wounds 
not so fair a deal

And got back to the game
With my wings in my butt
And starting hitting on everything 
To stop feeling sad

And then I met you 
a woman over those chicks
And wanted you so much
But with you I knew no tricks

Uncaged my self and got weak
Deffenceless against this force
Cause I saw somethings of me 
In those black eyes of yours

I blocked them all
Didn't want to roam anymore
I wanted you
And through time wanted you more and more

And you became my princess,
 my eve, my queen
And started wondering all this time 
where have you been?

And fell in deep for you
Carelessly left falling deeper
But you were worth it all
You were my finest liquer

Until that night
I wish that I could forget
That you forgot it all
And since this day you regret

You sold us both
But what matters is you sold what we had
And braught a nightmare upon us
Who could you let it get so bad?

Bad for me and for you... 
Bad for our love and our trust
But baby know that mistake
Is your last but it's past

I stood my ground
Took my place and pulled us out of this
And though the tears from my eyes   
were more than all seven seas

Cause it's not just what you did
It's when and why
When i was weak on the ground 
you stabbed me into my eye

And then you took that knife
And tried to take your own life
But how could I've let you
You could one day be my wife

And  I won't lie, all this story
Cost me so many nights
But gave my word, went to war
And I keep up my fights

Cause every single one thing
That I've lived next to you
Is a million times better
Than I've wanted it to

So when I'm sad, when I'm angry, 
in and over my head
Show me some love give me hugs
Kiss me and put me to bed...

You see I'm a beast on parade
When it comes to your protection
Jump of a plane, stop a car
Stand in the bullets direction...

Cause when I look at you 
I see my sweetest fall
I see a future with you
Though I don't see mine at all

You are my girl and my wife
You're my unique queen bee
And im not pushing tha limit
I just know what you can be

I'mma keep beeing your dragon
And when you whisper 'protect me'
I'll be your phoenix in flames
Just promise you won't forget me									

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