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Self exploration

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										                                                      You don’t have time to see

Who I really want to be

I’m not an asshole

I don’t wish to be

Maybe cause I have some self esteem

I searched a lot inside my heart and mind

Too many thoughts, I thought I died

Breathe in and out

Job hunting down

Who do you want to be?

All the time they ask to me.

Breathe in and out

Time to break down

«I want to be a superstar, a football player, a garbage teacher,

a racist politician, a serial killer, a disturbed mental psycho,

a brain damaged kid, a not successful government experiment, son of Dolly, an ass actor,

a very fat policeman, a non talented script writer, an awful artist, a Picasso by my own,

an ugly prince in a fairy taie, a heavy metal not know how to sing singer,

a girl saying «HELP I’m getting raped», a magician of ass explosions,

a naked photo reporter, a drummer, a bad version of Bruce Lee,

a William Wallace saying «FUCK», a Brad Pitt fucking cows,

a not good English speaking terrorist, a green alien from
planet Volko,

a black hole thing, a hacker lost in the internet, a drunk driver,

a father with 10 children, a 30 years old student fucking pies,

a matrix révolution machine, a technological miracle,

a blind wishing for light at night, private Ryan never get saved, run Forest run,

the shadow of God,…GOD»

Who do you want to be?

I guess … just


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