Published 18 χρόνια πριν in Rock

Wake me up

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										I woke up in a dreamVulnerableWalking down an empty streetI was all aloneWith a broken heartBroken wings and loveMy road leads me back to youBut now I feel that you weren’tthere for me(*2)You weren’t there..R: My empty heart still beats-so I’m living My hollow memory corrupts my mind-so I’m thinking My haunted love hurts so bad-so I’m leaving Please wake me up Please wake me up-I’m giving upI woke up in a dreamCapableTo fly above the skyBut you weren’t there to seeThat from up there I could see through your lies My thoughts lead back to you But now I find that you have changed But so did I!!R:……Wake me up before I drown in this dreamWake me up before you make me sickI don’t wanna sleep(*2}									


  • Muzzi

    very good! απλα να πω κ το παραπονο μου! κατι σε ελληνικο στιχο;;;

  • Argiris Nakos

    Fenia mou aresoun oi stoixoi sou. 8a huela na xrishmopoihsw kapoious gia mia mousikh trance pou exw grapsei. ti les? symfwneis?

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