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Special Machine

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										I see in my plate electronic food
Technology is evolving GOOD
You thing it is God
Who else you think has the power, the special machine 
To change the world?
Electronic music, cyberspace, DVD, plasma TV
They give me pleasure, joy unbound
My years are passing with speed ultrasound
Reborn from electronic sperm
I failed all the classes at this live term
Everything is changing together with me
I go to the orbit, spaceship vessel shall be
Wired is my head
I can feel the cabel's end
It controls my body, my innermost fears
I taste electronic tears
It can change the world, 
It knows the magic word
There is no game over here
The credits are enough to become unreal. 

I cut the transmission
Surrender to this futile mission
So people go back again where you belong
And stay there until the last GONGGGG
Back to your electronic cells 
Do what the special machine tells
It changes the structure of your thinking 
A red light always blinking
Records everything in your little memory
Becomes your enemy
Special machine figures out the way
Manipulates your system with the Virus “delay”
Process a new vision
Let’s go  back at the holy inquisition
64 kb is left now
C:\format *.*
Apocalyptic dreams are offered to you
It gives you paranoia too
Special machine has the system  rewritten 

What you are now, is just a new you... simply bitten
The special machine knows tricks
World wide submission ticks									

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