Published 17 χρόνια πριν in Rock

Redemption Majesty

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										the body came powerless We will arrive in a minute We were there... sanctuaries, beautiful colorless bulidings... Lies definition of the worlds.. Antilop-women provoke themselves... We enjoyed being abused by sun and earth wisdom... Darkness has just taken us... Alone in the side of shadows.... Madmen running on our dreadful dreams... Seize the colors of panthers... Mirrors lift the sudden death of miracles... We were abducted by the realms of pain... -So, she said? -Where is the love you promised ? -Where is the pantheon of jewels? -When the blood will kidnap our thievery enjoyment? is it you????? Am i talking to you???? Am i speaking to the devil? Minor process...... We don't know what happens in the end of the line... And we still expecting to survive with our egoism-universe... Are you alive? Are you alive? Are you alive? do you appear in many schemes and plentiful delusions? surroundings conspire... Sudden silence theories... Approach quick dead man... He couldn't speak? But is he stil alive?									


  • Infest_eve

    Ψηλέ επικοί στίχοι αλλά δεν είσαι πλέον 23, άλλξε το σε παρακαλώ :P

  • Alex S.

    This is poetry my friend. The kind I like, sure… δεν είναι ότι πιο εύκολο να μελοποιηθεί, αλλά έχω ακούσει ότι τα πάντα μελοποιούνται και ευτυχώς υπάρχουν τα ιδιόρρυθμα και τα εξωτικά για να μας βγάζουν από την φόρμα και την ανία μας. Απορώ γιατί δεν έπεσα στο site σου νωρίτερα;! Σου εύχομαι να βρεις τον κατάλληλο συνεργάτη που θα τα απογειώσει μουσικά.

  • Argiris Nakos

    Pragmatika me entyposiasan oi stoixoi sou kai pisteyw pws a3izeis mia kalh synergasia! synexise etsi file. makari na anevaseis ki alla.

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