Published 12 χρόνια πριν in Rock

A fair game well played and won by us both

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										Can you believe without seeing
                       have you learned to dream not but hope
                       do you know you are a good player
                       . and your life is your own

                      well,good talking and no lies
                      the sun is shinning high up in the skies
                      you know what to do and what you do is allright
                      and we are winking at each other,winking at each other.

                      could you give without asking
                      will you let the past go and not cry
                      Iknow you'd like to dive into my waters
                      and I'm asking you to try.

                     well,clear thoughts in crystal light
                     I have all colours left to paint back  your life
                     you feel your way through me and your touch heals my soul
                     and we are loving each other,loving each other.									

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