Published 14 χρόνια πριν in Rock

A little story

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										I will tell a little, 
Story of my heart
And I warn you the ending,
Unfortunately will be sad

This story starts when I was,
Little child and young
Walking by the sea-shore,
Leaving steps on sand

I was talking to my friends,
Which everybody call stars
Telling them my secrets,
Which my mind ‘n’ heart has… 

Suddenly and from nowhere, 
Night becomes a day
And a bright light takes
My vision oh! Away…

When I finally made to, 
Open my eyes
I saw something that,
 I had never seen before…


An angel!
Staring straight to my eyes
Making true the lies
That everyone have heard before…

An angel!
Showing me her smile
Taking me to fly up high
To places I’ve never been before…


I will not tell you,
The things she has told me then
Cause I remember nothing,
Not even the words, not even her name
But I remember the smile,
Like a gift only for me…
“A smile from my angel… that I am sure I will see again…”									

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