Published 17 χρόνια πριν in Electronic Pop

cross your line

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										Does it matter if it’s wrong or if it’s right? 
If it’s wrong i don’t care cause it feels right 
Trying hard to keep u and me alive 
Trying hard to make you cross your own line 
What’ your hesitation now? 
This party sucks it has no reason and no rhyme 
Let’s get in the velvet rain and feel alive 
Fuck our friendship...if we’re meant cross your line 
U want a reason to start? 
There’s no reason to fail 
Guess what...i want you to be my rhyme 
I’m sorry to surprise you but there’s no surprise 
This party sucks and you want to cross the line... 

R: It is meant to be...we can make it happen(epanalamvanomeno)									


  • ENOLA STR8 ::

    Kales giortes geitona!!!! Oi enolastr8 sintoma me to debut album mesa sto 2009!

  • L-X_jay

    nice i like

  • Χαρηc

    Μικρο δειγμα μεγαλης εμπνευσης.. Κeep walking !!

  • Alex S.

    cry for help but still...very pissed off! Save it -I like it! Και ναι, γράφω και γερμανικά (γεννημένη εκεί) ποίηματα και πεζά (κάποια έχουν δημοσιευτεί) Θα βάλω κάτι μελλοντικά και θα σ'ενημερώσω. Keep up the good work. Bis bald.

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