Published 14 χρόνια πριν in Rock

Life long abandoned

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										They say protection comes with loneliness
And anger gets nowhere
But it is so fine when you’re looking at me
I could almost cry in the doorstep
Of the fear that now crawls into me

Ocean’s pain shouts within my chest
Lingering echo of a long forgotten king
All messed up and chaotic
Living without you
The shadow of a sin underneath

Wonder what you were searching for
And if this quest has reached an end
Can you give me a dream to grasp upon
And hold onto 
Touch but do not blame 
The spotless apathy
Of well-known ignorance

A rough diamond hiding its edge
Sharp memory of a thorn aside
Cannot be what I wished of
Guess I cut every connection
And now I’m but an observer of situations
All blurred and grey
Just opening a small hole in the world’s window
A glassy knowledge that takes my breath away
And the blood is still shed around
Indication that some sort of life existed..									

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