Published 13 χρόνια πριν in Electronic Pop


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										When I think of our world I stop breathing
I go outside my house but it’s so freezing
Then I take a look around
Where nothing but misery can be found

Everything seems to be so fine
Too many guys have crossed the line

A thief running out of a market
Everyone knows that it is not his only target
But who cares if it was thief’s only way 
When he was pushed away and nobody
Had nothing to say

The pollution of the nation
The care for its protection
So they can make a good impression
Cause this is life outside

At your neighborhood around
Many unaware people can be found
They don’t really know how the world looks from below
They just sit down waiting for tonight’s show

Help the population to reach its destination
The face of hesitation
The need for some attention
Cause when the end comes everyone will be jugged

Nobody can really stop us now
We’re gonna fix this world 
And show them how
Nobody can take us the right to fight
Too bad…. 
We’re gonna miss the show tonight									

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