Published 16 χρόνια πριν in Rock

Rhapsody In Blue

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										A rhapsody in blue – for the sorrow ones, 
As they lie upon the grass. 
Searching for moments of delight, 
But nothing is in sight. 

They beg for sunshine I'm their rain, 
But nothing comes to stay. 

A rhapsody in blue – for the crying ones, 
As they feel empty as a stone. 
Hard, heavy, black and cold 
Naked to the bone. 

They beg for sunshine in the dark, 
But nothing, not even a spark. 

A rhapsody in blue – for the painful ones, 
As we lie upon the grass. 
Singing as we do, 
Cloudless as the moon. 

We beg for something in the air 
To wipe and dry our tears away. 
But nothing, still it’s dark 
Inside our heavy hearts.									

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