Published 15 χρόνια πριν in Rock

Burn your flags

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										While the wind is keeping on, 
when I feel to be all alone, 
in the crack of time 
I’m trying to survive 
but nothing seems good… 

I really hate to be a slave, 
to get away I must be brave, 
I need to burn the old ideas, 
I need to put flames to my fears, 
to do more than I could! 

Lighting, sparking, burning! 
Burn your flags, 
burn whatever dominates you! 
Burn your flags, 
no religion and countries for you! 

Embody your ideas to a new flag 
and set it in your mind as a drag. 
But when the time pass, 
it will be old and get smashed 
and will go into flames again!									


  • Γιαννης Στιχακης

    Χρόνια σου Πολλά Φίλε μου Βίκτορα και Καλή Ανάσταση !!!

  • *ΑΝΝΑ+

    eyxaristo gia tin episkepsi sou! Kai esi simpatrioti grafeis oraia kai me stil! Kali dimiourgiki sunexeia kai kali epitixia se ayto kai se oti allo kaneis!

  • Χαρηc

    για την επισκεψη σου στη σελιδα μου..πασα κριτικη δεκτη φιλε μου! Αφου ετσι το ενιωσες, μην απολογεισαι. Καλη τυχη και στα δικα σου ονειρα..

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